The Journal of Management and Business Equilibrium (MBE) is an OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL with an electronic scientific journal that publishes the results of management and business studies. MBE is published regularly every 6 months in an online format. The MBE editors accept the results of written studies in economics, management, business, and entrepreneurship, both empirical and theoretical studies that are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively and have never been and will not be published in other media. The incoming text will be evaluated and edited for uniformity of formats, terms, and other procedures following the prevailing environmental style for the Journal of Management and Business Equilibrium (MBE) of the Ngurah Rai University Denpasar's Faculty of Economics and Business Denpasar. Furthermore, the manuscript will be reviewed and analyzed by the Bestari Partner Board consisting of 6 State and Private Universities, and consists of 1 Professor and 9 Lecturers with Doctoral degrees and already has a Scopus ID. The Journal of Equilibrium Management and Business (MBE) is published and managed by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Ngurah Rai University, Denpasar.