Prof. Dr. Agus Sukristyanto, MS 

Prof. Dr. Agus Sukristyanto, MS 
University of 17 Agustus 1945, Surabaya, Indonesia

Born in Banyuwangi, August 16, 1961. Occupation: Lecturer. Position and Rank of Professor (IV / B). Farikha's wife, Ivan Eksistyanto's son, Vanna Lidya Kharisma, Hillda Avesta Praksiska Kinara. Job Address of the University 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya Jl. Semolowaru 45 Surabaya.


1974: Graduated from Sidomukti Public Elementary School in Banyuwangi
1977: Graduated from 17 August 1945 Middle School in Banyuwangi
1981: Graduated from SMPP Negeri in Banyuwangi
1986: Graduated with S1 FISIP from Jember State University in Jember
1990: Graduated from the S2 Political Science Study Program, Department of Social Sciences Postgraduate Program
Gadjah Mada University
Year 1999: Graduated from the S3 Political Science Study Program, Department of Social Sciences Postgraduate Program
Gadjah Mada University
1. Political Science (Political Science)
2. Development Studies
3. Regional Autonomy
4. International Organization and Administration

1. 1990-Present: Untag Surabaya Undergraduate Lecturer for Subjects:
- Introduction to Political Science
- International Administration Organization
- geopolitics
- Regional Development
- Regional autonomy
- International Relations.
- Political Communication
2. 1990-1991: Secretary of the Untag Research Institute in Surabaya
3. 1991-Present: Untag Surabaya Lecturer for Courses, Theory and Issues
4. 1991-1993: Secretary of the Untag Master of Public Administration Program
5. 1993-1995: Secretary of the Untag Surabaya Public Administration Masters Program
6. 1999-2000: Secretary of the Untag Postgraduate Program in Surabaya
7. Year 2000-Present: S3 Lecturer in Untag Surabaya Postgraduate Program for the Eyes
Lecture "Development and Public Affairs Seminar".
8. Year 2000-2004: Assistant Director of Surabaya Untag Postgraduate Program
9. Year 2004-2007: Vice Chancellor I Untag Surabaya
10. 2013-cur: Dean of FISIP Untag Surabaya

11. 1986: Indonesia-Australia Foreign Policy Relations Against East Timor Integration, Thesis S1 State University of Jember
12. 1990: Japanese Foreign Policy Shift to Government
Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda, Thesis S2 Postgraduate Program UGM Yogyakarta
13. 1991: Shifts That Must Be Cut, Articles that are published in the Daily Surya Surabaya
14. 1992: Decentralized Development, Seminar Paper
15. 1996: Education System in Indonesia, Papers for Public Lectures
16. Year 1999: Recruitment of the New Order Elite Bureaucracy, S3 Program Dissertation Postgraduate UGM Yogyakarta
17. Year 2000: (a) Development with an Environmental Perspective, paper.
(b) Legislative-Executive Relations, Seminar Paper
(c) Challenges of Religious Groups in Indonesia, paper
18. 2001: Perspective of Development Administration in National Development, Published in the Pioneer Journal
19. 2002: Regional Development, Seminar Paper
20. 2003: (a) Regional Autonomy and Development Desentalisation, Paper Seminar
(b) Writing Scientific Papers, Seminar Papers
(c) Legislative, Executive and NGO Empowerment,
Training Paper
1. Irrigation Development Policy, Training Paper
2. Empowerment of HIPPA, Training Paper
3. HIPPA Business Development, Death Paper
4. Social Deconstruction of Community Leaders and Search for Communication Models Development of Tourism Industry Management Information System (MSIIP) Banda Neira; The center Main Tourism of Maluku
5. 2004:
o Liberalization-Globalization and Global Imbalances, Papers for Proceedings
o Religion and Country, Papers for Proceedings
o Making an Action Plan for Managing Irrigation Infrastructure by the Community, Research Report.
o Evaluation of Development Levels of East Java Province, Research Report
6. 2005:
? Liberalization and Decentralization of Education, Papers for Proceedings
? Religion and Politics, Papers for Seminars held at National University,Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
? Potential Corporate Income Tax (PPH) in East Java Province, Research Report
? Implementation and Protection, Civil Rights, Politics, Economy and Socio-Culture.
7. 2006:
o Analysis of the Impact of Overload Impacts on Road Maintenance Costs in Perspective PAD and APBD Efficiency of East Java Province.
o Organizational Structure of the Regional Financial Management Agency.
8. Year 2007:
o Religion and Development (A Critical Study of Islam and Liberalization Development) This paper was held on August 6-7, 2007 at the University Malaysian Nationality (UKM) Kuala Lumpur.
o Islam and Santri Politics, This Paper was Seminar on August 6-7, 2007 at Kuala Lumpur University of Malaysia (UKM) Kuala Lumpur
o Political Map of East Java.
o Empowerment of Political Parties.
9. 2008:
o Organizing Elections and Local Elections to Increase Political Participation in the Process Growth of Democracy. Published in the Accredited Journal of Administrative Sciences, "DELEGATION".
o Regional Development and Community Empowerment, published in the Journal of Administrative Sciences Accredited, "DELEGATION".
o Political Participation and Representation of Women in the Election of Legislative Members in 2009.
o Political Parties and Democratic Growth in the 2009 General Election.
? 1990-1991: Coordinator of the Rawan District Program (a Development Program to Overcome Poverty) for Tulungagung and Situbondo Regencies) ? 1990-1992: Coordinator (P4K Smallholder Income Improvement Project) in Mojokerto Regency ? 1990-1995: Untag Surabaya Community Service Coordinator ? 1993: Research on Obtaining Land and Building Rights ? 1994: Research on Public Services at Samsat Surabaya ? 1995: Comparative Study of Dipenda, in Banda Aceh ? 2002-2003: (a) Consultant at PT Garam Surabaya, (b) Mapping Human Resources at ; PT Garam, PTP X employees, Sidoarjo Regency Government employees, and Blitar City Government ? 2003-2004: HIPA Assistance Team in East Java ? 2005-2007: Expert Team at East Java Province Regional Revenue Service ? 2009: Assessment Assessor Training Lecturer Certification, Dikti Jakarta. ? Year 2009-cur: Lecturer Certification Assessors, Jakarta Higher Education ? Year 2012: Lecturer Workload Assessors (BKD), Higher Education Jakarta. 4 OTHER ACTIVITIES 1. Guest lecturers in several universities 2. Dissertation Examiners at the Airlangga University (Airlangga University) Surabaya Graduate Program. 3. Active as a speaker in discussions and seminars 4. Tutors in various training 5. Kopertis Region VII Surabaya Speaker. 6. Resource Person of the East Java Province Training and Education Agency. 7. Resource Person of the Ministry of Education of East Java Province. EXPERIENCE OVERSEAS ? In 2004: - Seminars and Comparative Studies at the University of North Malaysia (UUM) Kedah Malaysia - International Seminars at the Malaysian Kebangsaan University Kuala Lumpur Malaysia ? 2007: - International Seminars at the Malaysian Kebangsaan University (UKM) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. - Seminal at the University of North Malaysia (UUM) Kedah Malaysia. - Sudi Appeal at Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University Collage (KLIUC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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